Four States Iron & Metal can provide roll off containers, trailers, and specific equipment for your material management needs.

What we buy   



Automobiles for shredding
Baling clips
Cable, fence & wire
Cast iron
Construction equipment
Demolition scrap
Farm machinery
Industrial scrap steel
Machine shop turnings & cast iron borings
OTM (other track material)
Prepared # 1 & # 2 heavy melt
Prepared plate & structural
Railroad scrap
Sheet metal
Structural beams
Tanks larger than 100 gal. must have
3 ft. hole

All grades of aluminum including:
Aluminum cans
Aluminum extrusions
Cast aluminum
Painted siding
Sheet aluminum
Alum/copper radiators
Batteries (lead acid, not cracked)
Brass plumbing, fixtures, faucets & fittings
Catalytic converters
Copper # 1 & # 2
Insulated/clean copper wiring #1 & # 2
Electric motors
Heater cores
Scrap lead
Stainless steel
Mixed Insulated Copper Wire

What we don’t buy

Closed compressed gas cylinders
Brass ammunition or spent rounds
Radioactive material
Material containing PCBs, refrigerants or
Propane, oxygen or acetylene tanks or bottles
Containers with free-flowing liquids inside or
outside (tar, oil, gasoline, etc.)
Sealed refrigerator units
Gas tanks without a visible 8" x 8" hole cut in
bottom of tank
Explosive materials
Barrels, drums, pails and buckets unless triple
rinsed, dried and lid removed
Closed containers of any kind
Light fixtures with ballast or neon signs
Paint cans
Tin cans
Brown goods (TVs, microwave ovens)

Thank you for following our guidelines.